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Service & Network

Prompt, reliable and cost-effective services tailored to suit client requirements, are the main drivers of “SHREE AZAD GROUP’s” operational model. A large fleet of trucks, a wide network and trained human resources at every station, fuel the reliable, safe and timely delivery of goods. Additionally, the company’s highly customized service solutions ensure that every customer gets exactly what he asks for. The entire Group works on an online server forming a backbone for quality reports and current status of the shipments of our customers.
The company’s own warehousing facilities at all the prime locations across the country are completely weatherproof and insured Warehouses with Truck Platform levels at all terminals. With its headlamps trained on 100 per cent on-time deliveries and customized, reliable services, “SHREE AZAD GROUP” continues to forge brand equity for itself that is unparalleled in the Indian logistics industry. Furthermore, “SHREE AZAD GROUP” also has a facility for containerized movement of high value cargo.
“SHREE AZAD GROUP”, provides two major categories of service solutions:


For small or Less Than Truck load (LTL) transportation requirements, to any part of the country, the company's 'Hub & Spoke' system ensures that the cargo reaches on time, always...

Network OF Branches and Vehicles

"SHREE AZAD GROUP" has one of the largest network of branches spread all over North and East part of India.

The Major states where we have our largest delivery network are as follows :

  • Jharkhand: 18 Stations
  • Bihar: 45 Stations
  • Uttar Pradesh; 80 Stations

The other States were we have our network are Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan. In all there are over 400 branches across India and we are in the process of expanding our network in South part Of India. “SHREE AZAD GROUP” has a fleet of 260+ own Lorries, apart from this we also have over 500 attached and hired Lorries.
“SHREE AZAD GROUP” as one of the largest Transport Company of East India has a market share in transportation of goods both in FTL Sectors and also in LTL. Its market share for East, in the corporate Segment is at least 25% and that of all other segments is about 30%. All the major players in the market may be a small company manufacturing products or a Multi National Company Product ranging from Eatables, Household, Industrial to other vital goods are being transported through “SHREE AZAD GROUP”.
“SHREE AZAD GROUP” has existing rate contracts with all major business houses and the rate contracts are being regularly renewed and reviewed based on the market conditions, escalation in fuel cost etc., to put in a nut shell we have monopoly in transport Segment, and we are proud to announce that any product to be transported to the remote places in East India has to go through our Company.
On an average we carry about 1,000 Metric tones of goods and parcels per vehicle/per year throughout the Country. This is achieved through our own Lorries and Lorries taken on contract basis depending upon the demands of the market.


It is estimated that at least 4000 people are benefited by way of Direct/Indirect employment from our Organization. And we are striving every day to increase and provide to these people with the best working environment and living standards.

We believe in :

  • On Time Delivery of Consignments
  • Excellent Customer Satisfaction
  • Safety is Priority Motto